When thinking about creating descriptive content for your website or ecommerce shop it is important to focus on the purpose of each page of your website. Ask yourself what you want the customer to do on the page and think about how best to accomplish that using the tools at your disposal. For example, on product pages look at the description of the product, does it say what the product is fully? Does it discuss what you can use it for? Does it describe what it is made out of? If this product or service is sold elsewhere look at how you can uniquely sell it, think about what sets you apart and capitalise on it.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you are promoting your product or service effectively, build an online community of customers that can talk about how great your product or service is online. Whether that is on social media, related forums or on relevant industry blogs, the more online discussion and referencing of your products the more signals it is sending to Google that this is a relevant search result that people will engage and convert with. Search engines will see other places linking back to your site and think ‘hmm this site is popular..Let’s start to prioritise it’ not only that, but if the online marketing you’re doing is effective you’ll also be driving targeted traffic to your site.

Finally, remember that Google’s ultimate objective is to serve their users results that are the most relevant to them, they want sites who understand this and continue the effective user journey on their websites. If you make it easier for Google to distinguish that you are doing this, then you are most certainly on the right path to succeeding at SEO.

Google doesn’t make purchases from your site, users do. Focus on your site from a user’s perspective and the search engines will follow…

If you want any more advice why not take a look at our other blog posts on SEO and let us know how you are getting on with these 3 basic tips and if you have any other advice for our creators.

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